About Air-Source Heat Pumps

How do they work?

An air-source heat pump is like an air conditioner that runs in reverse in Winter and heats your home. In the Summer a heat pump is a high efficiency air conditioner and pumps heat from you home to the air outside. In the Winter, it reverses flow, and strange as it seems, it pumps heat from the outside air into your home. It actually pumps more heat energy into your home than the electrical energy that it uses. Here is a diagram of how an air source heat pump works:

For a video about heat pumps go here.

Why would you want one?

They save money

If you use oil, propane, or resistance (baseboard) electric heat , an air-source heat pump will cost you less to run. You will save money on your fuel bill. Rebates of up to $4000 plus low, 0.99% financing through the Connecticut Green Bank are now available.

They save CO2 emisions, help control global warming, and reduce air pollution

Global Warming is here and it is serious. If we continue with business as usual, we will have much more frequent and severe, droughts, floods, forest fires, famines, and forced migrations. These problems may not become critical in our lifetimes, but they will be extremley critical for our children and grand children.

About 12 percent of CO2 emissions in the United States come from heating and cooling residential and commercial buildings. Heat pumps, along with renewable sources of electricity, will go a long way towards controlling the effects of global warming.

A Heat pumps save you the most money if:

  • You heat with Electrical Baseboard, Propane, or Oil
  • You need a new furnace or have an old inefficient one
  • You are looking to add air conditioning
  • You are adding an addition
  • You are constructing a new home
  • You want to make a contribution to the fight against Global Warming

How can I get one?

Just go to the “I’m interested page, fill out the form, and we will give you the information you need to get the right system, at the right price, and with the right financing.

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