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Learn how to save money and reduce C02 emissions with energy efficiency and heat pumps !

Dear Branford Citizens,

We all like to save money on our heating and air conditioning bills and we all need to pitch in and control Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions that contribute to Global Warming. Heat pumps serve both these objectives.

As part of our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions , Branford has partnered with Peoples Action for Clean Energy (PACE) to encourage the adoption of energy and money saving, low emission heat pump systems to heat and cool homes in our community.

Please take a look at the information on this website and follow it up by filling out the request for information on the “I’m Interested” page. We all like to save money and we all need to make a contribution to controlling Global Warming.


James Cosgrove
Branford, First Selectman

For a video on HeatSmart and Connecticut’s energy plans to HERE

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More about the HeatSmart Program

The HeatSmart program in is sponsored by the Peoples’ Action for Clean Energy (PACE). HeatSmart’s goal is to promote clean energy while saving homeowners money by investing in clean, efficient heat pump energy systems. By participating in the HeatSmart program you can save money while reducing the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions here in Branford.

How the Program Works

How the program works

  1. Get a home energy audit with a Home Energy Solutions (HES) inspection: An authorized contractor will come to your home. The contractor will evaluate and upgrade your home’s energy efficiency . The contractor will also conduct important safety tests, install weatherization measures and energy-saving improvements. A $50 HES audit delivers about $1400 worth of products and services and, in the future, will typically deliver over $200 per year in energy savings.

    You will also receive a personalized report recommending ways to save money and energy, such as improving insulation and upgrading to energy-efficient equipment. Generous rebates are available for these.

    For a nice, informative video about the HES audits, go HERE
  2. Carry out recommended efficiency upgrades : If the home owner wishes, they can carry out the auditor’s recommended upgrades to make their home even more efficient. A more efficient home will require a smaller, less expensive heat pump and cost less to heat and cool.
  3. Install a heat pump: If the homeowner wishes, they can then contract with HeatSmart’s preferred heat pump installer or they are free to choose their own installer. HeatSmart selected the preferred installer based on the companies experience ,reputation, expertise and service standards. There are generous rebates for heat pumps and financing is currently available at rates as low as 0.99%

    For a nice, informative video about the Heat Pumps, go HERE
  4. Install rooftop solar: Rooftop solar panels also offer an excellent way for homeowners to reduce their energy bills. Several town structures and more than 350 Branford residences have been equipped with solar panels since 2006. If you have electricity and a sunny roof you should consider solar energy.

    For a nice, informative video about rooftop solar, go HERE

How can I get started?

For more information and to get started with a FREE HES audit, go to the “I’m interested” web page. If you then want to get a heat pump, or rooftop solar, we will send you the information you need to get the right system, at the right price, and with the right financing.

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Special programs for income eligible families

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